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Amazing Examples of High Speed Photography From: Aditya chaudhari
Best Photos From National Geographic in August 2011 From: Aditya chaudhari
Adorable Cute Babies From: Aditya chaudhari
wilD buck VS african liOns From: Aditya chaudhari
Watercolour fashion Illustrations From: Aditya chaudhari
Animals In News From: Kulprakash Sharma



Amazing Examples of High Speed Photography

Posted by: "Aditya chaudhari" adi_love44u@yahoo.com   adi_love44u

Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:38 pm (PDT)

"High Speed photography is a photography
technique in which we capture the world at a very high speed. While
shooting the word in high speed, a brand new dimension of the common
things around us comes out..!!!"
"Enjoy the following breath taking examples of High Speed Photography."

Warm Regards,

Aditya C








Best Photos From National Geographic in August 2011

Posted by: "Aditya chaudhari" adi_love44u@yahoo.com   adi_love44u

Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:43 pm (PDT)

Traditional monthly selection of
photographs from National Geographic, which can be used as screen savers
for your desktop. Don't forgot to reply, if you like the selection.

1. In the summer
on weekends and cold crystal clear water of the river and other water
bodies Homem park Peneda-Geres attracts thousands of tourists. Seasonal
influx is a real test for permanent residents of the park and its
nature. (Peter Essick)

2. For thousands of years created the
winds in the deserts of Namibia's highest sand dunes in the world, the
red because of the high content of iron oxide. Soil moisture is
sufficient only to sustain the lives of several very hardy plant
species. Not far from the dunes of this could be seen "Big Daddy" in
height about 400 meters.(Frans Lanting)

3. The pilgrims in the temple of al-Kazim, Shia shrine in Baghdad, almost untouched during the war. (Lynsey Addario)

4. Purple starfish and seaweed on the bottom off the coast of British Columbia. (Thomas P. Peschak)

5. Buddha in coal storage in northern
China. After several decades of coal reserves in the country runs, and
China will have to switch to alternative energy sources.(Greg Girard)

6. Memorial in memory of famine in 1845 in Dublin, Ireland. (Jim Richardson)

7. A mixture of civilization and
primeval, the Portuguese National Park Peneda-Geres, faces a daunting
task: to protect the environment, taking visitors. (Peter Essick)

8. Dudzhood Ali was ten, when she fled
from the cruel old man and went to court in Sinai, Yemen. Courageous act
girl, and the ensuing judicial scandal turned her into a national
heroine in the struggle for women's rights. After the divorce, she
returned to her family and continued her studies at school. (Stephanie

9.Ruiny ancient settlements submerged
in the construction of hydropower plants in Portugal, re-appear over the
water when the water level in the lake drops. Built man in a national
park attractions are very different – from medieval castles to modern
resorts. (Peter Essick)

10. Mother of two cubs climbing up on a
wild apple tree to harvest small fruits. In years when little salmon,
the bears have to look for other foods such as berries, roots, or
mussels. (Paul Nicklen)

11. Rowing legs to free his hands,
fishermen on Inle Lake in the north of Burma – a gift for tourists to
see the dream of a modern country untouched. (Chien-Chi Chang)

12. Above the headboard offers a
lively, as if from a window view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower
Manhattan. To make this Extra-picture, the photographer put the camera
in the room, and kept the shutter open for five hours. He used a prism
to draw the image. "View of the Brooklyn Bridge in the bedroom",
2009. (Abelardo Morell)

13. The family grazes cattle Turkey
over their flocks in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent for the
past century. The place where the cattle graze, the slope of the volcano
Karak Doug, is just 110 kilometers from the archaeological site of Tepe
Gobekli, where, according to genetics, first began to grow wheat. Sheep
and goats have also begun to tame here. (Vincent J. Musi)

14. On the left side wall of the church
in Denedre you can see one of the few images of Cleopatra. On this
terrain, it serves as the Pharaoh, bringing gifts to the gods. A picture
of her son by Julius Caesar is intended to strengthen its position as
the heir to the throne. He was captured and executed shortly after her
death. (George Steinmetz)

15. If a flood came, the children
Dzhabeda Ali know what to do: climb a bamboo Nudo macha in the yard and
stay stronger. People living in the ever-changing islands in the floods
of the three main rivers of Bangladesh has grown accustomed to such
disasters. (Jonas Bendiksen)

16. What could be more useful
frightened elephant orphan than a society of elephants? Socialization
process will begin immediately after completion of treatment.(Michael

17. Visitors to the first 4-D Theater
in Baghdad receive more impressions of science-fiction movie with
shaking seats and air currents. During the war, the family watched
television at home or DVD, and movie theaters were closed. Now cinemas
like this, again open. (Lynsey Addario)

18. Lighting a whole ocean of candles,
the people of Burma pays tribute to the ancestors during the festival
Thadingyut, a three-day festival of lights in October, which marks the
end of the Buddhist equivalent of Lent. (Chien-Chi Chang)

19. Morning mist covers the surface of the pond and the Bear Valley at the foot of Mount Seint Regis. (Michael Melford)

20. Since then, as the northern sea
lions are protected by law in 1970, their numbers in the waters of
British Columbia and has tripled in the summer breeding season is about
30 thousand. (Thomas P. Peschak)

21. Adirondack forest palette changes
with the seasons. The refined pattern of leaf viburnum green of summer
gives way to autumn on the red as the chlorophyll fades, and comes
through the lower layers of pigment. (Michael Melford)

22. Evening breeze stirs the clothes of the Tuareg, walking on the plateau Tassilin-Addzher in Algeria. (Brent Stirton)

23. These monkeys – a mother? Who
knows. Langurs in tight groups often share responsibilities for minding
young. Juveniles are born with dark fine wool, which then becomes more
rigid and changes color to gray-gold. (Stefano Unterthiner)

24. Fish and scuba diver near Memorial
Reef Neptune, an underwater cemetery, decorated with ornamental arches
and columns. The remains of 200 people cremated were mixed with cement
and transformed into a memorial sculptures are mounted on the bottom of
the ocean near Miami Beach. (David Doubilet)

25. "I think I'm in outer space," says
Dean Potter, standing above a waterfall in Yosemite Highline. Gusts of
wind and mist make movement on the rope one inch in width, stretched at
an altitude of 790 meters a daunting task, but in case of breakdown
insurance is provided. (Jimmy Chin)

26. Tuareg women, whose hands are
smeared with indigo in the paint and dressed in new clothes to celebrate
the birth of a child. Tuareg women rarely hide the face, while men
traditionally wear turbans that leave only their eyes open. (Brent

27. This yellow birch, found a
photographer on the way to Mount Gudnau seems to be going to "swallow"
the stone left here passing glacier. Adirondack National Park, with its
exuberant wildlife, is the true miracle of nature
samvosstanovleniya. Devotion to lawyers and protection provided by the
constitution of New York, suggest that the park will remain intact
forever. (Michael Melford)

28. Welsh pig farm walks next to an
exhibition at the National History Museum near Cardiff, Wales. This type
of pig was bred specifically to their body shape make for easy cutting,
but also they are known for their special character, through which get
along well with people. (Jim Richardson)

29. Monk is on the road in Bagan, the
ancient capital of Myanmar (Burma). Local churches can compete with the
Cambodian Angkor Wat. Once in this area was 13 000 pagodas built around
the 2nd century BC of brick and covered with paint or
plaster. Earthquake killed more than 10,000 of them. (Chien-Chi Chang)

30. Autumn Landscape,
Adirondacks. Spots of sunlight on the slopes of Algonquin and Wright,
two of the 40 mountains whose height exceeds 4,000 feet. The
once-ravaged industry and the Forest area has experienced a
revival. (Michael Melford)

31. Dawn in Baghdad. At the bridge over the Tigris man feeds sea gulls, and the first river taxi waiting for morning passengers.

Warm Regards,

Aditya C








Adorable Cute Babies

Posted by: "Aditya chaudhari" adi_love44u@yahoo.com   adi_love44u

Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:48 pm (PDT)

Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies
Cute Babies

Warm Regards,

Aditya C








wilD buck VS african liOns

Posted by: "Aditya chaudhari" adi_love44u@yahoo.com   adi_love44u

Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:54 pm (PDT)

Here are some amazing pics of
African Safari where a wild african buck had a lucky escape as he managed to
cheat a group of wild African lions.

These are worth-watching. Take a look :)

Warm Regards,

Aditya C








Watercolour fashion Illustrations

Posted by: "Aditya chaudhari" adi_love44u@yahoo.com   adi_love44u

Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:01 pm (PDT)












Warm Regards,

Aditya C








Animals In News

Posted by: "Kulprakash Sharma" kpsharma_20@yahoo.com   kpsharma_20

Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:10 pm (PDT)


This turtle shows no fear as it hitches a ride on an alligator. Photographer Connie Lemperle captured the chums at play while at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden


A flamingo chick is cared for by its mother at Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire. Flamingos incubate their eggs for 30 days and the parents take it in turns to look after the youngster. Young flamingos are grey and white and do not turn pink for two years. For the first three to four weeks, the chick is fed entirely by the parents who secrete a creamy pink liquid called 'crop milk'.

An osprey catches a goldfish from Blair Pond Park in British Columbia, Canada. Photographer Ron Racine heard about birds lifting goldfish out of the pond. He says: "I saw an osprey which circled around the pond, dove into the water, and snatched a goldfish right out."

A cheeky robin plays peek-a-boo with a photographer trying to take its picture. Edwin Kats says he was sure the canny bird was playing games with him. Whenever Edwin tried to capture her on camera she hopped on to his lens, preventing him from getting the shot. Frustrated with his hide-and-seek bird, Edwin set up a remote camera so he could photograph her while perched on his lens.

Hugo the 65-year-old Galapagos Island Tortoise is fed at Wynyard park in Sydney, Australia. The event was part of National Threatened Species Day where zoos and aquariums across Australia unite to raise awareness about endangered animals.

Two Aldabra giant tortoises fight for a carrot during feeding time at the Singapore Zoo

Panda cubs Po and De De discover their birthday cake during celebrations for their first birthday at Madrid's Zoo

Walker the polar bear plays with a helmet after being given new toys at Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, Scotland

Zoo keepers in China are celebrating after a baby hippo turned one month old. The baby hippo, Jian Jian (Healthy and Strong), was born on August 1, 2011 at Shangsha Zoo in Hunan Province. His parents are 11-year-old male hippo Fei Zai (Flying Folk) and 14-year-old Jiao Jiao (Shy Girl).

Two young male elephants play, encircled by older elephants at the zoo in Wuppertal, Germany

Owen, a one-and-a-half-month-old giraffe, is nursed by his mother Akaia at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

A seemingly drunk moose was discovered entangled in an apple tree by a Swede in Goteborg, Sweden. Per Johansson, 45, says he heard a roar from his vacationing neighbour's garden and went to have a look. There, he found a female moose kicking about in the tree. The animal was likely drunk from eating fermented apples.

Two wild stallions play with a mare at dusk at the base of Mount Snowdon. Photographer Marian Ubrankovic was driving in north Wales when she spotted the striking display and quickly pulled over to grab her camera.

Rally driver Mikko Hirvonen of Finland gives a seal a piggyback in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, on the eve of Round 10 of the World Rally Championship

This frisky otter ended up with a slap in the face after making a flirtatious advance towards a female. He must have fancied his chances when he approached his love interest, who had been swimming with her baby balanced on her chest. But he didn't reckon for the female's fighting spirit - she dealt a short, sharp slap to her admirer's face.

A woman about to tuck into her lunch very nearly ended up with a frog in her throat when she discovered one of the amphibians lurking in a bag of Tesco salad. Sara Eason put her hand into the bag of Tesco brand Mixed Seasonal Baby Leaf Salad and felt something slimy. She said: At first I thought some of the leaves had gone slimy, so I put the bag down and had a look inside. I saw a little frog looking out at me. It then croaked; I jumped about a foot in the air.

A European tree frog rests on the branch of a tree in a garden in the eastern German town of Schoenebeck

Beware of the Veociraptor. Now you can turn your pet dog into a dinosaur. The £20 Animal Planet outfits are available from online firm Party City and also include a zebra, bat, tortoise and walrus.

A hypoallergenic cat is pictured in Delaware. Allergic cat lovers can rejoice - because they may be able to own a pet cat after all. Lifestyle Pets has developed a hypoallergenic kitten, which according to their website, has a 95% success rate amongst their allergic clients. The company has sold over 500 hypoallergenic pets - costing £4,500 each.

Zookeepers carry a tranquillised four-year-old male leopard named BamBam at Aalborg Zoo in North Jutland. BamBam is being transferred to a zoo in California where it will be part of an international breeding programme aimed at maintaining the population of rare Persian leopards.

A white Bengal tiger licks its mouth after being fed at the Singapore Zoo

African lion Katya licks zoo owner and artist Aleksandr Pylyshenko in a cage at his private zoo in his backyard in the city of Vasilyevka, southeastern Ukraine. Pylyshenko broadcasted on the internet his experience of living in the cage with Katya and her cubs for 36 days, before leaving it on Wednesday. Pylyshenko wanted to raise funds to improve the lions' living conditions and also raise awareness of the plight of wild animals in private Ukrainian zoos.

A lizard eats a pastry during the 68th Venice Film Festival

Nemo flashes a smile. Snapped in the Philippines, this clownfish living amid the stinging tentacles of a huge sea anemone was photographed by Steve De Neef. The fish pictured here is the dominant female, and shares the anemone with her family.

A caged orphaned baby cuckoo has acquired a number of new parents in Chongqing, China. Security guard Deng Qin discovered the young bird and took it to his office with him - placing it in a cage hanging outside the building. However, for the next two days the baby cuckoo refused every kind of food. "On the first day, I bought it bird feed, but it won't even look at it," said Deng Qin. Thinking the cuckoo may want to eat live insects Deng caught some but the cuckoo still refused to eat. The next day he was stunned to spot a sparrow feeding the caged cuckoo a locust. And the little sparrow is not be the only bird to help in feeding the young cuckoo. A friend of Deng's said: "Each day there are different birds flying here to feed it. Those mother birds are even smaller than the baby cuckoo, but they insist on catching insects to feed it".

Thank's & Regard

Kul Prakash Sharma

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