Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Australian high-hurdling bombshell - Michelle Jenneke

This 19 year-old Australian high-hurdling bombshell hasn't competed in the Olympics yet, but she caught the attention of anyone with a pulse at this summer's IAAF World Championship in Barcelona. First off, she won, but really, how many other winners of that competition can you name? We know about her because of her dance, which theChive guys understood so well that they made the video above this week, thus confirming the reason we love her.

When we think of her, we think of Kate Upton, not in terms of their similarities, but rather their differences. If Kate Upton is Supergirl, Michelle Jenneke is Wonder Woman. What Kate Upton did for fat, Michelle Jenneke has now done for muscle: hypnotic jiggling.

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