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Tum To Chodhvi Ka Chand Ho by "Prishi Pari" prishipari
Do Kadam To Sab Chal Lete Hai by "Prishi Pari" prishipari
Tujhse Doori Ka Ehsas Satane Laga Hai by "Prishi Pari" prishipari
3d High Quality And Latest Wallpapers by "sexy girl" beauti.girl64
Stunning Images Of Global Photography Competition by "Deepak Punjabi" indigoblue2005


Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:08 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Prishi Pari" prishipari

Tum To Chodhvi Ka Chand Ho <>
<> लड़का
लड़की से: .तुम तो
चोध्वी का चाँद
हो...। <>
लड़की: .सच क्या मैं
इतनी खूबसूरत हूँ? .।
<> लड़का:
.अरे नहीं !! .मैं तो
ये बताना चाह रहा था
<> तुम इतनी
गोल मटोल हो.
<> Ladka Ladki sse: .Tumm Too
chhodhvi Kaa Chaand Hoo. <>
Ladki: .Sacch Kyaa Main Itni Khubssurat Hun? ..
<> Ladka: .Arey Nahi !! .Main To
Ye Batana <> Chah Raha Tha Tumm
Itni Gol Matol Hoo. <

Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:53 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Prishi Pari" prishipari

Do Kadam To Sab Chal Lete Hai
<> दो कदम
तो सब चल लेते है,
<> जिंदगी
भर का साथ कोई नहीं
निभाता, <>
अगर रो कर भुलाई
जाती यादे,
<> तो हस कर
कोई गम ना छुपता.
<> Do kadaam to sab chal lete
Zindagi bhaar ka saath koi naahi nibhaata,
Agar ro kar bhulaai jaati yaade,
To has kar koi gam na chhupata. <

Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:14 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Prishi Pari" prishipari

Tujhse Doori Ka Ehsas Satane Laga Hai
<> तुझसे
दूरी का एहसास सताने
तेरे साथ गुजारा हर
लम्हा याद आने लगा,
जब भी कोशिश की
तुझे भूलने की मेरे
तू à¤"र ज्यादा दिल के
करीब आने लगा…
<> Tujhsse doori kaa ehssas
sataane lagaa, <>
<> Tere saath gujara har lamhaa
yaad aane lagaa, <>
Jab bhhi kosshish ki tujhhe bhulne ki mere hamdum…
Tu aur jayada dil ke kareeb aane lagaa…

Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:11 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Deepak Punjabi" indigoblue2005

Stunning images of fiery celebrations in China and Romanians wearing
bear costumes make up winning entries in global photography competitionAstonishing winning images by amateur photographers released by World Photography OrganisationTen winners from all over the world are announced, whittled down from 50,000 entries
Now they will go head-to-head for the grand prize at a prize ceremony next month

Sam Webb


00:01 GMT, 19 March 2013



00:34 GMT, 19 March 2013

A haunting image of a Vietnamese girl
in a windstorm, a breathtaking starscape over Kazakhstan and an
explosion of colour as men partake in a fire dragon dance in China are all contenders for a major photography award.
World Photography Organisation has today revealed the winners of the
2013 Sony World Photography Awards, with amateur photographers hailing
from countries as far apart as Chile and Vietnam.
judges have whittled down nearly 55,000 entries in the Open category to
just 10, who will now will now compete for the Sony World Photography
Awards Open Photographer of the Year title.

Inferno: The fire dragon dance is a 300-year-old
event held in the Fung Shun area of southern China.  The dragons are
composed of bamboo, metal wire and paper and are festooned with
fireworks, firecrackers and fire arrows. Photographer Gilbert Yu was 
forced to wear a protective mask and helmet to prevent fire burns

Alecsandra Dragoi, a Romanian who is studying
photography at Portsmouth University, took this striking image of men in
bear costume at a New Year's eve celebration in Romania
The overall winner will be revealed
at a gala ceremony on April 25 and this photographer will receive more
than £3,000 prize money.
category winners will also have their images exhibited at Somerset
House, London, from 26 April â€" 12 May as part of an Exhibition and be
published in a book.
 Damien Demolder, presiding
chair of jury for the Open competition and editor of Amateur
Photographer magazine, said: 'Amateurs constantly amaze me, not only
with their determination, their passion and their internal drive, but also with the astonishing quality they are capable of achieving.

Manny Fajutag took this photo during a holiday
in Sibuyan Island in the Philippines. He was riding a passenger jeepney
during a family outing

Weathering the storm: Nguyen Hoang Hiep, of
Vietnam, won the Enhanced category with this haunting scene of a girl
being buffeted by the wind

Creepy crawler: The Nature & Wildlife category winner. It was taken by Krasimir Matarov from Bulgaria

The Milky Way over a mountain near the Ush Konyr
plateau in Kazakhstan. This photo won the Low Light category and was
taken by Elmar Akhmetov of Kazakhstan
'They can be extraordinarily
creative, and more than capable of working to their own brief to turn a
wonderful idea or moment into a beautiful photograph. In so many ways there
are heftier chunks of real life and soul in amateur images than there
are in the professional categories â€" because amateurs do it for the love
of taking pictures.'And the shortlist and winners for this year's Open competition demonstrates that perfectly.&#39;
also announced the three finalists in the Youth category, Alecsandra
Dragoi, from Romania, Xu Wei Shou, from Taiwan and Berta Vicent, of
Spain, as well as the winner of the 3D category, Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tančič.
category winners and the coveted L’Iris D’Or/ Sony World Photography
Awards Professional Photographer of the Year title will be announced at
the ceremony in April.  The L’Iris D’Or winner will receive nearly £17,000.

Hisatomi Tadahiko of Japan took the winning
picture for the People category, featuring this married couple relaxing
against a drab background

An explosion of milk: Photographer Matias Galvez
said: 'For the human eye to capture this scene with this detail is
impossible. But with a camera you have a whole new world to discover'

Panorama: Yeow Kwang Yeo took this photo of an
elderly man's home in a small village outside Jakarta. The man has lived
there since he was a boy

Fragile: Xu Wei Shou's winning photo for the
Environment category is a bold black and white image showing a house
teetering over a sheer cliff face

Portrait: Spain's Berta Vicente said: 'One day I
came across an uninhabited building. Once inside, I imagined a girl I
used to meet in the bus there. I made it true'

Joie de vivre: Ming Hui Guan went to a slum in
ebu City in the Philippines for this picture of some laughing children
playing in a Jeepney

Darkness and light: A Hui-style living room in the old village houses of Yixian, China


Baguio City
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